Inspired and designed by photographers, our features will bring you the same success they bring us.


We're reinventing "galleries" by introducing you to projects. Allowing for flexible workflows and organization, projects can be configured in a variety of ways to satisfy your needs. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced photographer with an established clientele, we've got you covered.

Stunning Client Galleries

Deliver your projects as stunningly beautiful galleries your clients can view online. Present yourself as the professional you are. Take pride in your work. Give your clients a sense of quality as they view your photographic works of art.


Create and send professional invoices to your customers. Choose the payment methods you allow, identify line items and discounts, establish due dates and an optional deposit. Once you send clients their invoices, they can view and even pay them securely online. Additionally, invoice templates can be created to save you time and energy.

Accept Credit Cards

Take your business to the next level and allow your customers to pay you with their credit card. Funds paid for online orders and/or invoices are deposited directly to your bank account.

Showcase Photo Shoot Locations

Showcase your popular photo shoot locations. Help give your clients confidence that their next photo shoot location will be exactly what they're looking for. Specify the details of each location, and upload images to show them exactly what it looks like. You can even send these details directly to a client you think might be interested.

Digital Contracts

Digital contracts allow your clients to sign online. Use your own, or choose from our set of pre-made contracts created by a professional contract attorney.

Sell Online

Take advantage of being able to sell your photos online by allowing customers to purchase various products in either digital or printed form. PhotoCog takes no commision on your sales!

Print-Lab Fulfillment

Create flexible price sheets that allow you to choose which products your customers can purchase. You can take advantage of a professional print lab to fulfill these orders, or you can self-fulfill them yourself using your own print lab.


Manage your client list

Keep track of your clients, their information, and additional contacts. The details of each client provides instant access to their projects, and anything else related to them.

Powerful Email Templates

Streamline your productivity while adding a personal touch to the emails you send your clients by creating reusable email templates. Create once, and send it to your clients as though it was composed just for them. Sending to clients is only a couple clicks away.

Secure, Cloud-Based Storage

Embrace the power of the cloud to ensure your data is always secure and available anytime, anywhere, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Track Expenses

Whether it's equipment, parking, insurance, or anything else related to the operation of your photography business, keep it here along with everything else. You can even snap a photo and upload it as an associated receipt for future reference.

Log Mileage

We all know how pesky and annoying those random mileage logs can be. Log the miles you drive in PhotoCog and never misplace this information for when you need to record it as a tax deduction.

And much, much more!

General Features

Create additional contacts for each client

View a client's details and their projects

Create venues (photo shoot locations)

Upload photos to each venue

Make venues publicly accessible through your site (or not)

See the projects associated with a particular venue

Email venue details to clients

Reusable email templates

Duplicate email templates

Optionally customize each email quickly before sending it

Powerful, “magic variables” to ensure each email is personalized to its intended recipient

Notifications to keep you up to date with what’s happening (new orders, past due invoices, etc.)

Personal subdomain for showcasing your venues and projects, and for clients to pay invoices

Setup and use your custom domain name

Provide social details (website URL, social media, etc.) to visitors who visit your site and galleries

Project Features

Lightroom Plugin / Publishing Service

Allow photo favoriting

Limit the number of favorites within a project

Optionally watermark photos during upload to protect your work

Create personal projects that are not assigned to a client

Allow visitors to view a list of your published projects

Create multiple sessions within a project

Choose which sessions are published/unpublished

Choose whether or not a project is published/unpublished

Password protect individual sessions

View project invoices

View project orders

Set a project cover photo (visible to visitors who view a gallery online)

Multiple options for restricting gallery access (public, email, email/password)

Enable online orders

Require review before orders are approved (or not)

Crop order photos before sending to a print lab

Allow digital downloads

Restrict digital downloads to a PIN

Quickly email clients the details of a gallery

Business Features

Create invoices

Establish invoice due dates and an optional deposit amount and date

Specify individual invoice line items and discounts

Allow discounts to be a fixed amount, or a percentage of the invoice total

Specify allowable payment options. If checks are allowed, specify who they should be payable to

Email invoices to clients

Allow clients to view their invoices securely online

Allow clients to pay invoices using a credit card

Refund credit card payments

Create reusable invoice templates to save you time and energy

Include a receipt photo with each expense you add

Add mileage logs for each trip

Filter mileage by date range and/or odometer reading

We take no commission on the money you make from invoice payments!

Commerce Features

Create price sheets

Specify an optional tax rate for each price sheet

Specify which items are taxable and which ones are not

Include shipping costs for self-fulfilled items

Adjust price sheet products in bulk (increase/decrease by percentage)

Price sheets can be self-fulfilled, or fulfilled by a print lab (or both)

Create packages that contain multiple items for a specific price

Allow customers to purchase individual digitals, or all digitals in a single download

Require order minimums

Allow customers to pay offline (billed to a payment account you specify)

Allow customers to pay using a credit card

We take no commission on your sales!

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Additional print labs (WHCC, ProDPI)

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